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Elster/AMCO (ABB) Industrial Water & Oil Meters
(Kent) Cold & Hot Water Meters. Oil Meters. Stainless Steel Meters.
Electric Batch Control Counters.

Flexible High Temperature Insulated Heating Tapes, Industrial Heating Blankets.

Barber Colman Company/Eurotherm
Industrial Instruments & Controllers. Controls for Industrial Processes.
Data Loggers, Sensors & Programmers. Recorders, Actuators & Temperature Controllers.
RTD's & Impressers. (Hardness Testers)

CHROMALOX Precision Heat & Control
Industrial Electrical Heating. Instruments & Controls. Electrical Process
& Space Heaters. Freeze Protection. Heat Tracing. Boilers & Heat Transfer Systems.
Process Instrumentation, SCR Control Panels. Cast-In Band, Nozzle, Immersion,
& Cartridge Heaters. Comfort Heating. Screw Plug, Flanged, & Over the side heaters.

Mercury Relays and Switches. General Purpose Contactors.

FLUKE Thermography
Digital infrared camera, low cost hand held infrared imaging radiometer
displays IR color images on a 5 inch display. Finds hot spots, moisture, roof leaks and mold.
320x240 to 640x480 pixels – portable IR system with fusion.

L.C. Miller Induction Heating
Water cooled cables, Industrial applications: Annealing, Brazing, Soldering, Heat Shrink,
Hermetic sealing, Hardening metals, Cap sealing, Crystal growing for semiconductor industry.

Non-contact Sensors and Contacts
Multiple Frequency Spectrum, Two Color Ration Technology, Image Analysis Software

Process Electric heat and controls, specialty heaters.

FLUKE RAYTEK Portable Products
Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Hand Held Units, (Infrared) HVAC.
Electrical & Industrial. Food Service Safety. Automotive & Marine Maintenance. Facility Maintenance.
Infrared camera, Fluke Ti-30 for preventative ,maintenance.

FLUKE/RAYTEK Automation Products
Non-contact temperature measurement for Industrial applications

Electrically Heated Tanks & Pots. Dispensing Tanks & Pots.
Low Pressure Tanks. Glue Melting Tanks. Valves.

Thermal Care
Chillers and heat transfer equipment.

• Innovative Air Technologies
Desiccant dehumidifiers – can take humidity down to less than 5%.
Used for mold & water remediation, long term storage, Labs, hospitals,
injection molding and pharmaceutical applications.

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