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The L.C. Miller Mobile Induction Heating Station

The L.C. Miller M-10 mobile induction heating station was designed to perform a multitude of induction heating operations for production and research applications. Typical uses include silver brazing of carbide cutting tools, trans- mission coaxial cables, metal solenoid coil bobbins, etc. There are many applications where the induction method is replacing time-consuming hand-held torches and furnaces for soldering or brazing operations. Thanks to patented technology, improved production and quality can now be realized with the M-10 mobile induction system.

It is difficult to name an industry in which the induction heating process is not employed. A mini-list of popular industrial uses is shown on the back page.

As shown in the above color photograph, this system is equipped with four, 8 inch diameter, 4 ply pneumatic wheels which allows easy movement from one location to another. A convenient foot operated lock is provided to mechanically stabilize the system during operation.



Take it anywhere, cut anything a hacksaw cuts! The lightweight, easy to handle Tigair cuts smoothly, quietly, with a full 13/4" stroke, up to 1200 strokes per minute. Using standard high speed hacksaw blades, it cuts up, down, straight line or in tight curves, and produces a burrIess cut that virtually eliminates final grinding.

The Tigair's cutting speed is adjustable downward from 1200 strokes per minute, and unlike electric tools, it cannot be damaged by stalling. It will cut under water, in oils, wastes, slurries, etc., and because it is air-powered, it can be used in sensitive areas where other tools present hazards. A unique self-lubricating system oils all moving parts including the blade. The Tigair complies with OSHA standards.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend the usage of our Master Speed Oil or a Grade 10 machine oil. IDEAL for REPAIR or FABRICATION of metals in aircraft, RV's, truck bodies, etc.

SPECIFICATIONS: It leaves a smooth, burrless SPEED; 0 to 1200 strokes per minute, adjustable. cut to minimize final grinding. STROKE: 11/4 inches. AIR CONSUMPTION: 6 1/2 Cubic Feet per minute. DIMENSIONS: 16" long, 53/4" high, 11/8" wide. SAVE TIME & MONEY in plant WEIGHT: 6 pounds. maintenance. The

RECOMMENDED AIR PRESSURE: Tigair reaches into 90-110 lbs. per sq. in. tight corners, saves bringing the work to a fixed saw.

IWater Cooled Coaxial Cables for Vacuum Tube and Solid State Induction Heating Systems.

• Ideal for Manual, Automatic and Robotic Systems
• Minimum of Radio Frequency Radiation
• Permits Work to he Performed Away from the Induction System
• Cable Power up to 50 Kilowatts
• Quick-Change Coil Disconnects and Accessories Provide Improved Versatility and Efficiency
• Free Engineering Assistance Available for Specialized Cables, Systems and Accessories.


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