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Ti20 Vanadium Oxide Sensor

VOx Technology - Only Infrared Solutions' IR sensors combine the world's most sensitive detector material, Vanadium Oxide, and Infrared Solutions' proprietary read out integrated circuitry (ROIC) with a vertically integrated manufacturing process to deliver the ultimate in detector thermal performance and value.

IR InSight T

Fluke Ti40 and Ti45 IR FlexCam® Thermal Imagers:
Infrared and visible light images fused together on one display. IR-Fusion™ Technology captures a visible light image in addition to the infrared image and takes the mystery out of IR image analysis. View images in a range of modes from full IR to full visible light, and see exactly what you are viewing.

IR InSight

Fluke IR Fusion™ Technology:
See things both ways
To communicate critical information, infrared images only are no longer enough. With revolutionary IR-Fusion™ technology, one can better identify details, manage and analyze images by combining both the infrared and visible light images.

IR-Fusion™ technology simultaneously captures pixel-for-pixel infrared and visible light images and allows full image optimization with 5 different on-camera as well as software viewing modes. With the integrated laser pointer visible on the images, precise and accurate (faulty) component identification is very easy. All FT models of the Fluke IR FlexCam Thermal Imagers features this unique technology. (The Fluke 140FT only supports Picture-in-Picture mode). Moreover it is available as an option.

IR-InSight Portable Thermal Imager


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