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Stand Alone Thermometers
Modline 5MODLINE 5
The Modline 5 is the latest Ircon infrared thermometer to bear the Modline name. The Modline 5 is a compact infrared thermometer designed for high temperature application (5432F/3000C). With features such as a back panel keypad, System Health Check, and Dirty Window detection the Modline 5 is the most innovative infrared thermometer on the market.

IRCON’s Javelin is one of the best little infrared thermometers in noncontact temperature sensing. Don’t let the slim design fool you, the Javelin is as rugged as any IRCON thermometer. The sleek Javelin - built of stainless steel - is only 7.8 in. (198 mm) in length and 1.5 in. (38 mm) in diameter, and is easily installed on any machine.

1100 Series1100 SERIES
The 1100 Series is an accurate, reliable and economical high temperature noncontact temperature sensor. It provides a continuous non-linear temperature-dependent output. This electro-optical transducer allows noncontact temperature measurement of higher temperatures. Measure temperatures from 1000°F (550°C) to 6000°F (3400°C).

Modline 4MODLINE 4
The Modline 4 Infrared Thermometer offers six different spectral regions for use on a wide variety of applications. Modline 4 has a built-in two wire transmitter to provide a 4-20 mAdc output that is linear with temperature. Measure temperatures from 0°F (0°C) to 2500°F (1300°C).

The SR Series Infrared Thermometer is a stand-alone two-color sensor designed to provide a temperature signal directly to process control or monitoring devices. Ratiometric thermometry provides reliable temperature measurements in difficult applications with changing emissivities or unresolved targets. The SR spot pyrometers Do not require a separate indicator/processor, therefore saving on installation space and costs. These IR thermometers are available in focusing single lens reflex or fiber optic versions.


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