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Innovative Air Technologies is a manufacturer of award winning desiccant dehumidifiers and integrated dehumidification systems, specializing in precise humidity and temperature control for industrial applications. With 50 years of experience in desiccant dehumidification, Innovative Air Technologies is prepared to manufacture a complete dehumidification package that is engineered specifically for your moisture control needs.

IAT is dedicated to continually finding innovative concepts for the dehumidification process to provide our customers with the very best desiccant dehumidifiers.

With mobility being an important issue, Innovative Air Technologies has designed a dehumidifier that can go anywhere and stand up to the toughest challenge.

We construct our portable series so that it will last through the most extreme conditions time after time. You need a dehumidifier that will do the job right the first time, every time. Rely on an Innovative Air Technologies’ dehumidifier to complete this task for you.

Both process and reactivation fans are centrifugal, direct drive, and include totally enclosed fan cooled motors. We also use higher static fans than the competition to provide the customer with the most durable dehumidifiers in the industry.

Quality control
At Innovative Air Technologies, we strive for perfection. We take pride in every dehumidifier that leaves our plant. That is why we perform a 24 hour full test that includes a rigorous 35 point inspection before any unit ships. This ensures that you receive your dehumidifier quality built and ready to run.

No matter where you use your portable dehumidifier, we can provide the options you need. We can add casters or we can mount it to a trailer. You name it, we can do it..

• Corrosion Prevention
• Condensation Prevention

• Mold/Fungus Prevention

• Moisture Regain Prevention

• Product Drying

• Dry Cooling

How Innovative Air Technologies' products work:
Our equipment removes moisture from the air by means of a desiccant: a substance that adsorbs water (in a vapor state). This desiccant is impregnated into paper sheets which are then wound into a wheel (called the rotor). The rotor is divided into two sectioned air streams: the process section and the reactivation section. When the processed air is passed through the rotor, the moisture in the air stream is adsorbed by the rotor, leaving the dried air to be sent to the designated space. The water from the processed air now needs to be removed from the rotor in order to continue the indefinite process. The reactivation air provides this task. The air stream is heated to 270°-310° F. This heat passes over the rotor and sets free the bound water. This air stream is extremely humid and is ducted outside.


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