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Actuators Thermocouples Impressor
Barber-Colman is the leader in plastics machinery control. No other manufacturer offers as wide a variety of thermocouples and RTD's for control of plastics manufacturing including packaging machines and equipment. Their sensors and accessories are manufactured to rigid quality standard. In addition their patented Varidepth Thermocouples and RTD's are Fixed Immersion, Melt Bolt and Ring Style sensors. The Barcol Impressor is a hand-held hardness tester. The Impressor is a convenient tool for testing the hardness of aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, Ladders and other materials including plastics and fiberglass. Firefighters can use the handheld device to test a ladder each time it is exposed to a fire. The Barcol Impressor is an alternative to sending the ladder to a testing service, which will save the Firehouse money.
Actuators and Valves
Technology So Advanced, It's Simple.
Barber-Colman delivers unsurpassed performance in high-quality, reliable actuators and valves for industrial applications. Select from the widest range of valve and actuator products available to meet your specific requirements:
  • Valves for water or steam applications
  • Proven longer life Electric Actuators with our unique all-steel gear train.
  • Rotary Crank-Arm Actuators with locking arm design to prevent slippage.
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